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About Personal Color

What is the "Personal Color" ?

Personal Color is the Color that matches with you the best. It makes you look most attractive. Some colors would match you but some would not. It is according to your inborn personality. If you learn to understand your "Personal Color", you look more beautiful, youthful and also healthier.

In Personal Color Consultation, we divide colors into Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter then you are advised which group you are in during consultation. After that, we find the best color that matches you from 120 different colors.


How to analyze?


We study and observe by looking at your skin complexion, hair color, eyes, lips, and cheek then different test color is placed near your face to see which color make you look more proper, healthy, beautiful and youthful etc…

How to utilize this knowledge?

You never feel troubles in finding your clothes and cosmetic goods in terms of colors that matches with you. Have you ever felt that "I bought nice clothes but ended up not wearing it anymore as it does not satisfy me in the end"? This will not happen any longer when you learn to know your own Personal Color.
You might find your new color that you never tried before, that means you have more choices in fashion and find yourself more confident and exciting in daily lives.

Other than above, Personal Color is useful when you choose your Hair Color, Nail Color, Jewelry, Watch etc…It actually applies everything which you can wear.

Another good chance to know your Personal Color is "Wedding" which is one of most important event in our life. For such an important day, you would definitely need to be the most beautiful one. It is very perfect timing to knowing your Personal Color for choosing your wedding dress or even your whole wedding color coordination.