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About Bone Framework Styling

What is the "Bone Framework Styling" ?

What is the "Bone Framework Styling" ?

It is a fashion theory that will help you to understand what fashion style suits you according to your bone structure.
We give advise on what clothes are most suitable and the fashion styling that will make you more beautiful and glamorous, by analyzing your bone structure or inborn physical characteristics such as muscle condition, texture and body shape.

What are the benefits of "Bone Framework Analysis" ?

If you know your “Bone Framework” and wear suitable fashion, there are many benefits such as,
* Look slimmer or glamorous
* Enhance your original charm
* You will not be misled by trend
* Improve your first impression and personal image

Beside Clothes, you will know what hair style matches your image, or which type of bag, shoes, or accessories are suitable for you. It is all useful information for determining your complete personal style.
You will not get lost when you are shopping in the future, you will be able to avoid unnecessary shopping and spending. Also it helps to organize your closet in order to live comfortably in a tidy home!

How to analyze?

We take an overall look at your features and image (Include you face) and analyze your bone framework and texture with soft touch of shoulder and upper arm to rib, shape of bottom to leg and knee.
Afterwards, you will be classified into one of three types of body shapes “straight” or “wave” or “natural”.