Personal Color in Hong Kong

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Client’s Voice

It was so surprising that I do look good in unexpected color. I bought a T-shirt that I never tried before then wore it right away. My friend immediately told me "good choice!" so I feel very happy.

C.C Translator

I never imagined that my face looked so difference depending on difference colors. I always wear brown make up, but surprisingly I am a type looks good with silver or pink colors! Wish I have known this earlier, but never too late. I am going to shop for new eye colors right now!

N.M Finance

I always love Golden clothes and accessories somehow. Now I am so satisfied to discover the reason why I love it after the consultation!

E.K Cosmetics Director

I always wear some safe color (such as black or gray)…but after discovering I actually look good in colorful bright color, which was surprising. I am happy and very excited to try colorful fashion or make up now, cannot wait to go shopping!

K.K House Wife