Personal Color in Hong Kong

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Q1. Personal Color can be changeable in ages or suntanned skin?

No. Personal Color’s season group would not change all through your life due to your age or skin condition such as suntanned skin. However your “best color” within the same season group might change.

Q2. Is it possible to arrange consultation for the male or kids?

Yes. It is very good for men to know their personal color. For young kids, consultation can be arranged from 6-7 years or above.

Q3. What would happen if my favorite color ends up being "non-matching" color?

Actually there are many other solution such as "how to wear favorite but non-matching color clothes" or "Try to take in non-preferred but well matching color clothes". Please share your personal thoughts at your consultation.

Q4. If I prefer other season group rather than my own, would it be possible to put on different season group by using cosmetic goods or hair color?

Of course it is possible. However, please bear in mind that your own personal color could make the best use of your inborn nature to bring about your beauty.

Q5. I have some suitable color and non-suitable color in terms of Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy). Does this affect Personal Color consultation?

No problem at all. In Personal Color, all colors have undertone colors which are blue and yellow. In short, Personal Color is a matter of choosing either color tone to find better matching color for you. There are no such "must not use this color" or "must use this color" things so please do not worry about it.